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Amazing Beauty Tips from Mothers

by WithNature Skincare |  | 1 comment

As a special thanks to all the mums who never grow tired of instilling positive values, imparting wisdom and keeping up those amazingly mystical skincare routines, we have put together a selection of some of the best words of wisdom and skincare tips which form the ultimate cornerstone for maintaining amazing inner and outer beauty.

“Don’t wear so much foundation when young”

We love this one! It is so tempting to load up on the foundation when you are young, in an attempt to look “better” or more mature. Then as you get older, you really appreciate exactly what your mother was talking about and the general importance of good skincare and why less is more! No matter the age, you should always let your skin breathe and when you are young it is great to take advantage of your naturally fresh- faced appearance.
“Be diligent with your skincare routine”

Let’s face it, nothing says diligence more than double cleansing! Double cleansing is one of the best ways to help eliminate impurities and overall build-up on the skin. It is a fantastic method that often helps improves the circulation, texture and complexion. We recommend your favourite creamy cleanser, Morning Dew Botanical for an uplifting recharge. The hand blended natural Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil is great for skin that really needs TLC. The ingredients are gentle and specific to those with any sensitivities or dryness. Apply one to two pumps and gently massage into your face while removing dead skill cells and impurities.

"Never wear make up to bed"

Make up removal can be a chore, we know but studies show that our skin dramatically ages each time we nod off to bed with a face full of make up. Make it easy for yourself by keeping a fresh stock of cotton muslin face cloths in your bathroom to help with make-up removal. Muslin cloths are gentle yet effective due to their exfoliating texture which is great for tackling make up minus the fuss! Our 100% pure cotton face muslin cloths are eco-friendly and reusable. In fact they naturally soften with each wash. We recommend wringing your muslin cloth in warm water first and then in circular motions, remove the make-up so you can rest assured knowing your skincare goals have been reached and wake up feeling like a guilt-free champion!

"Everyday, remember to cleanse, moisturise and then never go without your serum!"

It’s no secret that the best skin is usually the most moisturised and hydrated. A lot of us used to watch our mothers apply her favourite facial moisturiser and liberally massage her face with pure technique. This combination works wonders for locking in the moisturiser and providing an extra glow. The cream cleanser glides over dehydrated skin and the moisturiser helps provide that much needed boost together with the serum which supplies key ingredients for ageing skin. This set which is on a special offer just for Mother’s Day, is a real treat for mature skin that needs some extra love.

"Beauty comes from within"

As you know, the beauty on the inside is often what is reflected on the outside. Nutrition and  exercise makes a big difference to your complexion. But more importantly, it is apparent that in this brave new world, maybe for some where levels of anxieties and self-doubt have seen a bigger increase in peoples lives, the words we associate with ourselves can impact how we feel and in turn, the way that we view ourselves and the beauty we exude to the outer world. Thus, in order to truly see the beauty on the outside, we must primarily be kinder to ourselves. Start today and affirm that you love the skin you are in. To help, WithNature skincare is formulated with cruelty-free ingredients which we know you value, so keep spreading the love and that is exactly what you will receive in return!

Comments (1)

  • Tiffany on February 26, 2020

    Great advice in this, I love using muslin cloths for my make up removal. Saves me buying face cloths but they’re also very effective for giving a quick skincare therapy/exfoliation.

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