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Our Story

Throughout my eight year in-depth research into natural and eco-friendly way of living, combined with over 20 years knowledge and experience in aromatherapy functions and attributes I embarked on a journey to creating an innovative skincare range which would act as a bridge between nature and the world of beauty. My aim was to create a no fuss, pure, gently and effective range of skin compatible products, using pure plant oils and natural aromas leaving out unnecessary fillers, chemical and additives. With this vision I have extended my passion and interest into a natural skincare business venture.  

My desire and interest launched me into creating mini pots of creams, and body washes, of which I offered as gifts to family and friends. This proved great success, with remarkable improvements in  skin appearance both texture, tone, and elasticity, problem spots diminished and demand for freebies were becoming more frequent, more significantly, my two daughters both suffered from eczema and sensitive skins began experiencing significant improvements in their skin conditions.  The simplicity of it is, WithNature Skincare products are 100% handmade, formulated using pure and effective natural ingredients, avoiding unwanted derivatives, back to basics the way nature intended.

Following on from my successful trial runs, I launched WithNature Skincare™. Without losing sight of my beliefs and traditions, I customised a range of botanical skincare products that are gentle, easy to use and suitable for all skin types. I strongly believe that by combining premium quality ingredients into our products, this will help the skin maintain balance, thus resulting in a healthier skin.  

As a company, we have developed tremendous confidence and assurance in creating our natural skincare line. We actively source organic, natural and fairly-traded ingredients from sustainable sources that support local ecosystems. We are proud to say our range is both affordable and suitable for all skin types and ages.