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How stress affects your skin & how to beat it!

by WithNature Skincare |  | 1 comment

There are times when your skin is clear and radiant and you feel invincible and other occasions where you would simply refuse to leave the house without under eye concealer and a dash of foundation!

Our skin can often provide an insight into what is happening on the inside through its texture and appearance.

Whenever there are changes to your lifestyle including increased stress levels due to work combined with a poor diet and lack of sleep, your skin can be the first place where it shows the most! We have put together some handy tips to help you combat stress and maintain a fresh faced appearance - no matter the life event!

1. Under-eye bags and dark circles


Your eyes are said to be the window to your soul but you can expect puffiness and dark circles under your eyes if you are not getting enough rest. The skin around your eyes tends to be a lot thinner than the surrounding surface and the blood vessels under the skin of the eyes can dilate, causing a dark tint.



To have a restful nights sleep, try dropping some natural essential oils around your pillow, lavender sprays can also be  a convenient choice. Sipping on a blend of soothing lemon balm, chamomile tea can help you to unwind before bed.

Natural remedy:

Still greeted with puffy eyes in the morning? Try a cold compress. We recommend placing a bottle of your Oceanmist Skin Tonic in the fridge overnight so it is nice and cool in the morning. Squirt some of the toner onto a cotton pad or muslin cloth and while avoiding contact with your eyes, place the cold compress over your eyelids and hold for a few seconds.

We love the soothing affects that Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel has on puffiness, you will find these key ingredients contained in our Oceanmist Toner.

2. Dry and flaky skin

When you're faced with deadlines you may reach for extra sugary drinks and coffee to give you a surge of energy however, this can have terrible effects on your skin as your body may not get the hydration required to keep you looking dewy from the inside out.


    As a first step, drink more water, but you can also try loading up your body with fruits and vegetables that have a high water content, such as celery, apples and grapefruit.


    Natural remedy:  For a pick-me-up you can rely on your Sunglow Botanical moisturiser to rebalance the lost moisture and provide a comforting sensation to your face. Our moisturisers are hand-blended and you can find a specific moisturiser for your individual skin type (Oily/Dry/ Mature or Normal Combination).

    3. Fine Lines and wrinkles


    When you are stressed, fine lines and wrinkles appear more apparent.

      Prevention: Nightly facial massages are a great way to help combat fine lines and wrinkles. When massaging your face, ensure to use natural and active ingredients.

      Natural Remedy: Moisturisers are key for hydration, however to help combat fine lines and wrinkles, another useful skincare treat can be found in your WithNature face serums which are loaded with additional nutrients such as  Rosehip oil, Jojoba and natural vitamin E to help the skin rejuvenate. Whatever the skin type, you can find a serum specifically for you: Oily/Dry/ Mature or Normal Combination.

      4. Chapped lips


      Stress and anxiety can also take a toll on your lips. Chapped and flaky lips can occur if you are frequently licking and picking your lips which may feel satisfying especially when you are stressed.


      Be conscious and aware of what you do when you are nervous or feeling unsettled, and then tackle it.

      Natural Remedy:

      Get yourself a natural lip balm that is free from petroleum! Our natural lip balms contain only natural ingredients like Shea Butter and Calendula extract.

      Another handy tip is to first wet your lips and then use your 100% pure Egyptian muslin cloths to gently exfoliate the dead skin cells on your lips. Then seal the moisture in and apply a layer of lip balm. Enjoy smooth, comfortable and chap-free lips.


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